Aden past and recent

Towards the end of British rule in Aden, many visits were undertaken by members of the UK media. One such visit was made by a BBC reporter called Brian Baron and much of the newsreel footage taken by his team at the time has been incorporated into a video he made during a more recent visit, and it is now available for viewing on the web. If you would like to take a journey back in time and compare some of the changes that have taken place since you endured your tour in the desert, you can do so directly from this page.

For some reason, which I assume is due to limitations of size (in Mbs), the material has been split into four sections. Select each part in turn by clicking on the appropriate button below. Happy viewing!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Hunter videos online

Although nothing to do with Aden, one 3.5-minute online clip depicts an ex-Swiss Air Force Hunter T.68 flying low and fast through the beautiful Swiss Alps in 2006. Take away the snow and pilots who flew the Hunter in Aden would feel quite at home!

The second video portrays three Hunter T.7s flying from 299 OCU, Chivenor, on air-to-air firing sorties in the early sixties.

T.68 over Swiss Alps

3 Hunter T.7s