This page contains links to other websites containing material relevant to the Hunter in its many guises and the theatres in which it operated. If you know of other Hunter related sites you believe should be on the list below, please let me know. To view details of books on the subject, click on the button below.

Bibliography - The official 8 squadron website. - The official 43 squadron website. - The official 208 squadron website. - Tim Webb’s excellent website depicting the Hunter in various operational theatres plus the pilots who flew it with the RAF. - Number 37 Squadron (Shackletons) website. - Mick Ryans superb website covering Hunter squadron operations at RAF Jever 1951- 1961. - The number one shop for both new and second hand books on the Hunter. If you cant find what you are looking for here, you will be lucky to find it anywhere else. - Contains various pages covering minor conflicts involving British forces overseas. - Company website for this enthusiastic Hunter operator based at Kemble Airfield. - The Hunter Museum at Altenrhein, Switzerland (airworthy aircraft). - The Fleet Air Arm Officers Association. Also prolific Hunter operator, the FAA regularly supported Hunter operations in the Arabian area. - Jonathon Whaley's exquisite F.Mk.58, G-PSST (Miss Demeanour). - Personal website of ex-RRAF pilot Dave Currie for his Hunter T.75A operating out of Brisbane. - Swiss Hunter group. - Includes facts on Hunters once operated by the Royal Navy and others currently operating out of Exeter Airport. - Hunter offerings and operations by the Hunter Team currently based at Scampton. - Contains extensive historical information on the Hunter by ex-RRAF pilot Steve Murray. - Northern Lights and its Hunter operations at Montreal, Canada. - British enthusiast, Gordon William’s Hunter site on all thing Swiss. - Ex-208 Squadron pilot Tim Webbs Hunter Operational Record website (currently under re-construction). - Extensive coverage of British military aircraft, including the Hunter. - David Griffins Yahoo group containing images of his vast Hunter collection. You will need to subscribe to the site (at no cost) in order to view the main features. - Queensland Aircraft Museum, Australia, houses several former UK military aircraft including two Hunters; ex-MEAF FR.10 XE614 and an F.4, XF311. - Aircraft enthusiasts Yahoo group covering various aspects of British military jets of the 1960s and 70s. You will need to subscribe to the site (at no cost) in order to view the main features. - Mike Gladwin’s site covering the world of photograph reconnaissance aircraft.