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Hard work for some! Disarmimg a Venom at the end of a detachment to Thorn Hill, Rhodesia in 1959 (Pete McLeland)

Re-arming a Venom was more complicated than on the Hunter, as the rounds were loaded into the ammunition bays by hand (Pete McLeland)

An NCO supervises the loading of an ammunition belt into the starboard ammunition bay (Pete McLeland)

No time to lose as the groundcrew prepare a Venom for its next sortie (Pete McLeland)

Three armourers prepare to install a gunpack into an FGA.9 at Khormaksar in 1963. (Jim Cargill)

Of interest are the hand-operated winch standing by the nose wheel and the winch plate inserted in the aircraft just above the airman.

All the paraphernalia of a gunpack change on lies spread on the pan around XF431-L at Khormaksar in 1963 (Les Dunnett)

Two FGA.9s are refuelled from civilian bowsers at Bahrain ready for another sortie in 1963 (Jim Cargill)

'Doughy' Baker is caught on camera as he walks round a bowser at Bahrain in 1962 (Les Dunnett)

The tatty marquee that provide much needed shade for first line groundcrew at Bahrain in 1962 (Les Dunnett)

Al Hudson, 'Doughy' Baker and Les Dunnett seen during a serious discussion in the line tent, Bahrain 1962 (Les Dunnett)

208 Squadron groundcrew spot their aircraft approaching Sharjah after their session on the Jeb-a-Jib range in 1963 (Les Dunnett)

Les Dunnett drives the Hunter 'tug' across the bondu at Sharjah in 1963 (Les Dunnett)

The Operations Hut at Sharjah with the pack-up kits boxed and ready for the Squadron's return to Bahrain (Les Dunnett)

Their detachment over, 208 Squadron personnel board Britannia, XM498, at Bahrian for the 1,300-mile flight down to Khormaksar (Les Dunnett)

A Victor B.1 beats up the 208 Sqn Hunter pan on arrival at Khormaksar on a lone ranger exercise from the UK (Peter Lewis)


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