54 Squadron

RAF Waterbeach

As part of the newly formed specialist group within Transport Command, Nos. 1 and 54 Squadrons were designated to provide the offensive element of No. 38 Group. Late in January 1963, 54 Squadron undertook its longest deployment yet when it flew seven Hunters out to Bahrain to begin a months detachment, the objectives being; 1) to test its ability to deploy to a distant airfield and operate from it in the air-support role with minimum delay, 2) to familiarise itself with operating conditions for real, in a completely different environment from anything it had experience so far and 3), to give respite to the over-worked MEAF Hunter units. 



XG254-A on the line at Khormaksar. (author)

XG261-C heads the line at Khormaksar. (author)

XG264-D on the line at Khormaksar. The recently painted patch over the nose indicates that the aircraft sustained light damage at sometime. (author)

XG151-H outside the 208 Sqn hangar at Khormaksar. (author)

XF523-N being refuelled at Bahrain. (author)

XG155-T on the line at Khormaksar. (author)

XG273-U alongside a 13 Sqn Canberra PR.9 at Bahrain. (author)

XG273-U outside the 208 Sqn hangar at Khormaksar. (author)

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