Central Fighter Establishment

Day Fighter Combat School

A team of examiners from the Day Fighter Combat School (DFCS), part of the Central Fighter Establishment (CFE) at Binbrook, flew out to the Middle East in January 1963 to test the pilots and operational capabilities and readiness of the resident squadrons. These photographs were taken during the teams visit to 8 Squadron while it was on detachment to Bahrain and Sharjah.


F.6 and T.7

The CFE contingent shortly after joining the 8 Sqn detachment at Bahrain, November 1963. (author)

Mixed 8 Sqn and CFE line-up (XL595-O nearest) at Sharjah in November 1963. (author)

A CFE F.Mk.6, XG204-B with its distinctive yellow spine and fin, at Sharjah in 1963. (author)

The second CFE F.Mk.6 to visit the MEAF Hunter squadrons in 1963, XG209-C, also on the Sharjah pan. (author)

All hung up! CFE T.Mk.7, XL591-M, taxiing in at Sharjah with its rockets still in situe after an aborted trip to the Jeb-a-Jib range. (author)

Hang-ups tended to induce a little nervousness with groundcrews on the line should one or more of the rockets decide to let go.

The second CFE T.Mk.7 to visit the MEAF Hunter squadrons in 1963, XL595-O, seen on the Bahrain pan shortly after arrival. (author)

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