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First Line

Dawn rises over the Hunter Wing hangar at the beginning of another busy day at Khormaksar in 1965. (Willie Marr)

The Hunter Wing pan at Khormaksar in 1965 comprising aircraft of both 8 and 43 Squadrons. Note the warning sign! (Willie Marr)

View showing 43 Sqn's east end of the Hunter Wing hangar with a 1417 Flt FR.10 parked outside in 1965. (Willie Marr)

Typical of the early sixties period, this air-conditioned Twyneham building was 43 Squadron's HQ at Khormaksar (Roger Wilkins)

Willie Marr secures the gunpack in position before moving forward to refitt the gun barrels, Khormaksar, 1965. (Willie Marr)

Willie Marr, top right, and 43 Sqn groundcrew members prepare the underwing pylon for drop-tank attachment at Khormaksar in 1965. (Willie Marr)

A pair of rocket trolleys, stacked with 60 lb HE rockets, stand alongside the pan at Khormaksar in 1965. (Willie Marr)

Two Armourers carefully load a 60 lb HE rocket onto an FGA.9's underwing rail at Khormaksar in 1965. (Willie Marr)

Hunter Wing groundcrew sign the F700s as confirmation that they have completed their requisite aircraft checks, Khormaksar, 1965. (Willie Marr)

A line mechanic extinguishes the Avpin exhaust fire and secures the starter bay door as the Avon spools up, Khormaksar, 1965. (Willie Marr)

Willie Marr driving the line Land Rover at Khormaksar. It was mainly used for towing aircraft, rocket, air and oxygen bottle trolleys. (Willie Marr)

Gordon Howlett and Willie Marr take a break and enjoy welcome refreshments during the heat of the working day at Khormaksar in 1965. (Willie Marr)

Keith Arnott pops in to the line hut to collect his mail, Khormaksar in 1965. (Willie Marr)

43 Sqn airman ??? ??? proudly presents the unit's newest recruit outside the Khormaksar line hut in 1965. (Willie Marr)

A 43 Sqn shield hung proudly over Willie Marr's bed at Khormaksar in 1965. (Willie Marr)

No matter where the Squadron went, its two mascots went with it. The pair are seen in their run at Khormaksar in 1964 (Roger Wilkins)

Another view depicting one of the cockerels from Roger Wilkins

A 1 Sqn pilot sits in his 'office' at Khormaksar during a rare visit by a UK-based Hunter squadron to the Middle East, 1965. (Willie Marr)

The end of another day and Keith Arnott watches the sun go down before departing for a well earned meal, Khormaksar, 1965. (Willie Marr)

43 Sqn aircraft, believed to be XE530-O, sustained little damage following a wheels-up landing at Khormaksar in 1965 (Roger Wilkins)

Who needs wheels! After its wheels-up landing it soon became clear that the drops tanks saved XE530 from major damage (Roger Wilkins)

Surrounded by Armourers, XE530 is about to have both its gun pack and ejection seat removed (Roger Wilkins)

John Batty(?) makes friends with one of the local inhabitants during a detachment to Masirah (Roger Wilkins)

MEC Comms Flight's Andover CC.1, XS793, would appear to suffered undercarriage problems after landing at Habilayn in 1966 (Roger Wilkins)

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