Hunter allocation tables by unit

From this page you can display tables containing serial numbers and dates on which individual Hunters served with the four Khormaksar-based units.

Please note that with the merging of 8 and 43 Squadrons into Strike Wing on 6 June, 1964, official records listing which aircraft were allocated to which unit thereafter are obscure and in many cases, incomplete. If anyone does have a concise list, the author would be grateful for a copy.

For anyone who is interested in receiving photo images of a particular Hunters operational record cards, the Author now has a full set covering all FGA.9s and FR.10s, plus four T.7s that served in the Middle East. Please use the Contact author button in the left column, include the aircraft serial number in the message text and I will email them to you.

To view a squadrons aircraft allocation, click on the appropriate button:

8 Squadron

43 Squadron

208 Squadron

1417 Flight

8/43 Squadron